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Developped to meet the needs of individual epidemiological studies and study consortia, the OBiBa software stack (Opal, Mica etc.) provides an open-source solution for data management, analysis, harmonization and dissemination. Opal, OBiBa’s core data warehouse application, provides all the necessary tools to import, manage, describe and transform data. The Mica application is used to build searchable web portals disseminating study and variable metadata, as well as research activities of both individual studies and study consortia. Content defined in Mica is published on a personalized web portal using Drupal, a popular open-source content management system used by websites worldwide. Mica works conjointly with Agate, OBiBa’s authentication server which centralizes user related services such as profile management and email notification systems.

The OBiBa software stack is a core component of the Maelstrom Research program. For background information on Opal and Mica and their use for epidemiological research, see: Doiron, D., Marcon, Y., Fortier, I., Burton, P., & Ferretti, V. (2017). Software application profile: opal and mica: open-source software solutions for epidemiological data management, harmonization and dissemination. International journal of epidemiology.


Mica documentation is in the process of being rewritten. See also the Mica Documentation Archive

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