Update Collected Dataset

This command is for updating and/or publishing an existing Collected Dataset. The goal is to automate the linkage between a table in Opal with a collected dataset in Mica.

mica update-collected-dataset ID <CREDENTIALS> [OPTIONS] [EXTRA]


Argument Description
ID The collected dataset identifier


Option Description
--study STUDY, -std STUDY The associated study.
--population POP, -pop POP The population of the associated study.
--dce DCE, -dce DCE The data collection event in the population of the associated study.
--project PROJECT, -prj PROJECT The associated Opal project.
--table TABLE, -tbl TABLE The table in the associated Opal project.
--publish, -pu Publish the collected dataset.
--unpublish, -un Unpublish the collected dataset.


Authentication is done by username/password credentials.

Option Description
--mica MICA, -mk MICA Mica server base url.
--user USER, -u USER User name. User with appropriate permissions is expected depending of the REST resource requested.
--password PASSWORD, -p PASSWORD User password.


Option Description
-h, --help Show the command help’s message
--verbose, -v Verbose output


Link a collected dataset in local Mica to a table in Opal.

mica update-collected-dataset -u administrator -p password --project CLS --table Wave1 cls-wave1

Associate a collected dataset to a study data collection event in Mica.

mica update-collected-dataset -u administrator -p password --study cls --population 1 --dce 1 cls-wave1

Publish a collected dataset.

mica update-collected-dataset -u administrator -p password --publish cls-wave1