The Mica’s interface can be translated in any language defined in the General Administration. Note that after a language has been added and translations done in the different documents, the content of the site needs to be re-indexed.


A translation is a key-Value pair that can be added, edited or specified for all configured languages. A translation list is composed of build-in translations and custom translations added through the interface. Note that Mica is already translated in French and English through the build-in translation stored as an application config file.


Adding translations can be done one key at a time (Add Entry) or by importing a translation file (Import Translation).

Add Entry

First, choose a target language by clicking on a language tab. Then, click on “Add Translation” then on “Add entry” to display the New Translation Entry form. Fill in the Name (key) and Value (Translation) and click on Ok. Scroll down and click on “Save”, a new translation key is added. This key should be specified in all the other languages (cf. the “Search/Edit a translation” section).

Import Translation

Instead of being created once at a time, custom translations can be added to the application in one action. Click on “Add Translation” then on “Import Translations”, click on “choose file” to choose a translation file (in JSON format). Once the file is uploaded, click on Import.